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Task JS is not your average blog. It was created to help anyone who has challenges understanding computers and other web-based technology. We are dedicated to bringing you frequent updates and a unique mix of tips, advice and insight on everything concerning computers and online business on a regular basis. The breadth of information covered in this blog is astounding - from serious technology news and reviews to the latest tech gadgets, our blog covers a diverse range of technology topics and debates on the hot issues in the Online Business and Computer fields. Our aim is to help you find the answers you are looking for as efficiently as possible and guide you to the best sources of information and services on the web.
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Follow me and benefit from « astuces informatiques » made in France

 This site is dedicated to bringing you all the astuces informatique or computer tips that you need. Here you will receive the full benefits of never having to search for hours online only to end up with the wrong answer, poor service or a product that is sub-standard. You will find important information and updates about the topics that you're interested in brought to you on a regular basis - as well as also having access to some of the computer tricks, tips and tweaks that I only share on these platforms to make your computer life a lot easier and more fun. This blog is for everyone – pros and noobs alike. Even the most tech-savvy among us are not past learning new things because school never really is out for the pro and there is always a new way to dramatically improve your productivity and computing experience and this is the place to do so.


Search Engine Optimization and the French Riviera

When it comes to French SEO, there is no better resource you will find besides this one: http://www.web-alliance.fr/referencement/ecommerce. Web Alliance has perfected the art of SEO to the French market through the use of the most cost-effective web-marketing strategy which successfully merges sustainability and the best return on investment more than most other marketing solutions. Your success in ecommerce relies heavily on the specific strategies, tactics and processes that you undertake and it is vital for you to have a team that is well equipped to help you set and achieve all of your business marketing goals. In this world of ever changing technology, all e-merchants need tailor made support for French e-commerce SEO. They need systems and solutions that are designed to be adaptable to different situations that arise in e-commerce and this is the place to get the complete internet strategy for e-merchants.

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French companies and Search Engine Optimization


Get business advice every day on this blog

Business owners have so much to do and so little time. They are forever running around and hustling to keep the lights on in their businesses and they don't have time to go searching for solutions to the problems that crop up on a daily basis, and this blog was created to help with that. Business owners have to learn as they go and this blog provides all kinds of business advice and tips on a myriad of subjects from creating websites to referencing and email strategies. Easy to read, and easy to search and navigate, on this blog there is no need to spend hours searching for answers, the advice ant tips on the different subjects has been put together in a manner that is coherent and easy to understand and implement. Check it out daily and keep on top of the industry developments, news and updates. Learn and grow as your business grows.


Stay up-to-date with trade show programs

A trade show program is an exceptional opportunity for businesses to meet new customers. Here is a great way to easily stay up-to-date with the latest trade show programs. Just log on to http://ai-europe.com/program_d1.html and you will find the answers to the major technological and strategical issues implied by AI. Here you will also discover the last approaches and methodological development in companies, as well as economic models and artificial intelligence technology deployments. You get to see what all the ecosystem stakeholders are up to – the market leaders, startups and pioneers, research institutes and end users. Keep up to date with all the thought leaders of our generation with ease or connect with the top international influencers, strategists and decision makers from every sector in the global market as well as discovering the most innovative companies on the market and attending live demos of their products and solutions.

Computer audit ou « audit informatique » Differences between countries?

With the rise in blogs dedicated to computer science and new technology, it has become more important than ever to find one that is reliable and shares the latest news and trends from all over the world. Audit informatique is at the forefront of technology. With the fast evolution of the internet today, it's vitally important to have a source of information that addresses everything to do with IT solutions and passionate people to help bridge your understanding of new technologies. This is a community that opens up the whole universe of computing and regularly publishes tutorials, articles, previews and tips that are helpful to both the tech-challenged and the pros alike.

What can we learn from French « service aux entreprises »?

There is certainly that businesses can learn from French service aux entreprises. When it comes to business services, most companies – from SMEs and multinationals to the liberal professions need a comprehensive array of services in order to meet the various legal obligations that govern labor law in this country. Some services are needed simply to improve the proper functioning of the company and the working conditions of their valued employees – for example: cleaning, guarding, maintenance and renovation of company premises. Services could also include training for health and safety at the workplace, an independent secretariat and other things of that nature. On this blog you will find all the information and news related to those topics.


How does web design (or « conception de sites web) work in France?

When it comes to efficient online communication it is of the utmost importance to have a website that is designed to help you have the most impact on your target audience and this is where Webissim comes in. They offer knowledge and advice on how to develop your site and position yourself head and shoulders above the competition. Business owners need to consistently generate new and profitable opportunities through not only brand awareness, but also brand preference and brand insistence and conception de sites web is the way to do it. A well designed website will allow you to easily and effectively alter your company image, move from selling to positioning your company as the best and develop close relationships with your customers where you and your brand stay at the top of their mind. This site will assist you with all kinds of projects from creating a website to developing a brand image and beyond.


Debate of the month: What future for community managers?


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Community manager isn't a "easy work", here's why...

A community manager represents the online brand and the importance of their role in strengthening the online presence of the company through web marketing is indisputable. They are the indispensable link between a company and its customers - the bridge of communication and understanding of the brand and on customer feedback. Their roles include setting up online content and engaging communities around the company's products and services and also monitoring the information on the web, managing the company's e-reputation and negative press and so on. This is especially important when it comes to social media. This means that the community manager has to be an accomplished editor who can also communicate effectively with Internet users. Such a person must possess the ability to create original and interesting content on a consistent basis - for example, publishing articles about the company's products or services and getting people to engage with the brand on social media platforms. In addition to being a skilled writer, a community manager needs to be able to spot new trends, tools and so on and make sure that responses are posted online from the company. So he must have a very well-developed sense of diplomacy and tact when interacting with different people online.
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