Hello to you and welcome to my website, I am Jimmy Nedbeyw, I am French, expatriate in London for 5 years. I have been passionate about web programming and development since childhood, I am a little bit away from SEO. I read that thanks to SEO, I can have good positions on Google to earn money with affiliate ads. Want to read my latest article on the latest anti-virus and social media software.


Here is my article on the right software to use

SEO has never been so highlighted, it is with little that you will succeed in your site’s SEO. This not much is just three software programs that each have their own specificities but which have in common to help sites to position themselves very well on web pages. Now that the time for jokes is over, every entrepreneur should be aware of what is being discussed here. These are certainly the three elements that are missing from your online store.


Presentation of the three best SEO monitoring software

Let’s start at the beginning with the software that allows you to SEObserver activities on web pages 24 hours a day. We are of course talking here about the SEObserver software which is a monitoring software for the different SEO activities related to your pages but also related to the pages of your competitors.


seobserverThis is a good way to know if you are still well positioned on the web pages because SEO is also that ! What the SEObserver software will allow you to do is to put into practice everything we know about SEO but which is still in a theoretical state.


With this software, it will be a question of discovering the strategies implemented by the sites with regard to SEO, then it will be a question of using them for your own referencing.


So don’t be defeatist and choose the best software for your valuation. Observing very seriously the strategies implemented by your competitors, the SEObserver software will give you the opportunity to surpass them and thus to better position yourself.Try it out!


The second software we recommend for the referencing of your sites is the Kill Duplicate because we all know that what kills referencing is duplicated content. It may be that by using the strategies that have been proposed to you above, you take positioning and that by seeing that your competitors want to duplicate your contents to make you lower; by registering your site on kill duplicate you will protect yourself from that.


The SEMRUSH software which can be used in addition to SEObserver and Kill Duplicate to find 24 hours a day which are the sites that do in the same field as you in seo and netlinking. But also with this software you can do what you will do with SEMRUSH: study the strategies implemented by the best positioned sites on the web pages.

Finally, the icing on the cake with the SEMrush software is that it will allow you to have marketing techniques to sell better on your sites.

In summary

These three softwares are proposed to you to help you in your SEO concerns. Further details await you at the various online sites. Download them, buy them, and count your profitability because the results are very effective.