A secure SMS campaign with Spot Hit

Today, SMS is a safe and essential way to get closer to its customers, whatever their field of activity and the context. To make a success of its communication campaign by SMS, Spot Hit offers reliable and secure solutions adapted to all expectations. Opt for a marketing strategy in vogue with a recognized expertise.

Spot Hit, specialist in sending SMS Pros

Today, SMS has become one of the most prominent marketing strategies on the market. Sending SMS is considered by some as a basic communication. Others see it as a form of progress in relation to the evolution of technology. However, any campaign to send SMS Pros requires a perfect mastery of the field. For that, Spot Hit is a specialist who puts its annual expertise at the service of companies and startups.

It is an agency that brings together several solutions to offer several services for relevant SMS Pro campaigns. Spot Hit allows today companies to get even closer to their customers through several features: fast reception, personalized sending, international sending, acknowledgement of receipt, etc.. Rely then on a proven expertise that has boosted the turnover of several companies.


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Spot Hit: multi-channel direct marketing

Spot Hit is an agency that bases its expertise on multi-channel direct marketing, including sending SMS, email, MMS and mail. Through its platform, companies have the possibility to create their messages, track statistics and carry out their campaigns. In addition, they benefit from personalized support by Spot Hit experts to meet all their expectations.

Today, Spot Hit: sms campaign pro, works with more than 10,000 customers, including major names in the automotive industry, banking, and merchants. All trust a proven and effective expertise.

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